Rüegg® Surprise - Grillplatten Glaskeramik – einzeln - Surprise - Der Grill

Rüegg® Surprise - glass ceramic grill plates – individually

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Product description

The Surprise ceramic grill plates are exclusive accessories for the Rüegg Surprise Grill. The ceramic grill plates are highly heat-resistant glass ceramic. Thanks to the wave structure on the surface, the heat is dissipated very well to the food to be grilled - for perfect grilling results.

Very suitable for the following grilled food: vegetables, poultry, fish, sausages, etc.

Less suitable for the following grilled food: fatty meat, pickled meat, etc.

This item includes ONE grill plate! The firebox of the Surprise has space for 6 grill plates and can be filled with grill plates as desired. Any combination of cast iron and glass ceramic grill plates is also possible.