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The Rüegg® Surprise

The name itself promises a surprise. The product is the most diverse thing the barbecue world has seen in a long time.

Our customers have many terms for them:
Patio fireplace, garden fireplace, outdoor fireplace, grill fireplace, garden oven, fire table, fire pit or even fire furniture.

The possibilities cannot be guessed at first glance:

  • Grilling on solid cast iron (without smoke)
  • Grilling on fine glass ceramic (without smoke)
  • Grilling in the firebox, directly above the embers
  • Cooking with pots
  • Frying with pans
  • Keep warm
  • Fondue or mulled wine
  • Make pizza with the pizza stone
  • Prepare chestnuts with the special chestnut pan
  • 360° campfire behind glass (without smoke and sparks)
  • Patio heater on cool days (whether privately, in the beer garden, in the restaurant or at events)
  • and so much more!

But no matter what you call it, what you use the Surprise for and no matter what time of year, it is always a guarantee of warmth, coziness and conviviality.

We look forward to seeing you! As a customer and as a partner.