The grill & patio fireplace for that special ambience

The Rüegg® Surprise

360° Feuer - 360° Wärme

Der einzige Terrassenkamin mit rundum Feuer hinter Glas

kein Rauch - keine Funken

Dank der Glasscheiben bleiben alle Gäste rauchfrei

Gemütlichkeit - Geselligkeit

Gemeinsam grillen - gemeinsam genießen


Feuer, Wärme, Grillen, Kochen, Braten, Pizza, Maronen, uvm.


Garden party in winter? Outdoor fondue? Smoke-free campfire romance on a summer evening?


You can cook meat, sausages, vegetables, fondue, raclette, etc. for hours on the food-safe grill plates... an exclusive and elegant variant of the table grill, so to speak. Depending on the volume of wood, the plates develop a temperature of 250 - 300 degrees, the ideal temperature for a successful barbecue.


Thanks to the closed panes, the Rüegg SURPRISE develops an aesthetic and calm fire without annoying smoke and flying embers. Your clothes stay smoke-free. A great ambience in the evening is guaranteed. The Rüegg SURPRISE is not just a grill, but a real outdoor lounge fireplace.


The Rüegg SURPRISE makes every barbecue party a success. It combines design, enjoyment, atmosphere, emotion and easy handling. Your guests will be amazed – and also a little jealous. Once grilled with it, you will enthusiastically move your life outside and spend happy hours alone, as a couple or with friends.


Fire from all sides, warmth from all sides, barbecue fun from all sides.


The assembly time is only 15 minutes - without any tools and even for the inexperienced. You simply plug the base into the foot and the body into the base. The base body is then plugged together with the chimney. All you have to do is assemble the firebox plates and glass panes and your surprise grill is ready.


The grill plates are sized to fit in your dishwasher. Simply put it in after grilling ... and it's clean again. The robust discs make cleaning particularly easy. They can simply be hung up. Some window cleaner on the inside and water and a microfiber cloth on the outside.


Individualize your premium outdoor fireplace Surprise from Rüegg: You have the choice between fireclay and stainless steel for the fireplace. You can also extend the chimney if necessary. And if required, you can also use our grill accessories for grilling in the firebox, the chestnut pan, the pizza stone, ... .

Grilling and more on the firebox

Grilling without smoke - no problem with the fine glass ceramic grill plates or the robust cast iron grill plates. The firebox can be equipped with 0 to 6 grill plates, depending on the quantity and type of food to be grilled. The area on the firebox can also be used for pots, pans, etc. eg for fondue, mulled wine and other fine things.

Grilling in the firebox

For those who like it really smoky and hot, there is also the option of grilling in the firebox. With our matching accessories, the embers can be used for grilling after they have burned down. But the use of charcoal or barbecue briquettes is also possible. In addition to various grill grates, a chestnut pan, a pizza stone and other accessories are also available.

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dimension sheet and purchase

Use the dimension sheet to find out all the details and dimensions of the patio fireplace / grill.

You can order your Rüegg® Surprise in various ways.

Either here online via the shop. There are a variety of payment options available to you, such as PayPal, credit card, hire purchase and others.

Or order offline by phone, fax, email or letter. When ordering offline, we only offer payment in advance.

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About Us

The terrace fireplace / grill SURPRISE was developed by Rüegg and is sold by us, the WOLFENER KACHELOFEN- & KAMINMANUFAKTUR. Our manufactory has been around for 25 years now. We respond sensitively to the wishes of our customers and create individual and unique masterpieces. The WOLFENER KACHELOFEN- & KAMINMANUFAKTUR relies on three fundamental cornerstones that determine everything we think and do: warmth, values ​​and quality.

Your team from the Wolfener Kachelofen- & Kaminmanufaktur


... a pleasant warmth that not only flows through your house, but also warms your heart and brings joy when the family meets.


... create things that outlast the times, that defy our fast-paced, high-tech times with their longevity of many years, like a rock in the surf.


... is created through attention to detail, through perfect craftsmanship and through selected materials of purely natural origin.